Quantcast Air Sampling During Paint Removal Work

profile, sensitive work such as present in family
housing, child care facilities, administrative
buildings, kitchens, barracks, etc. Use the
following paragraph along with clearance
certification by a third party consultant specified
in paragraph titled "Clearance Certification" to
determine if significant contamination was due to
the contract work. Surface dust sampling to
determine clearance (i.e., that the work has not
contaminated surfaces within and adjacent to the
control area) should be performed by a third party
to reduce a conflict of interest. Samples must be
conducted by an individual not paid or employed or
otherwise compensated by the LBP/PWL removal/control
Contractor. State or local regulations may require
third party testing if the LBP/PWL removal/control
operation is considered a lead hazard reduction
d. Before any work begins, [a third party consultant shall] collect and
analyze baseline wipe [and soil] samples in accordance with methods
defined in federal, State, and local standards inside and outside of
the physical boundary to assess the degree of dust contamination in the
facility prior to lead-based paint removal/control.]
NOTE: To assure containment adequacy in occupied
facilities, use this paragraph for target housing,
child occupied facilities or high profile LBP/PWL
removal/control work.
e. Collect surface wipe samples at a location no greater than 3 m 10
feet outside the lead control area at a frequency of once per day while
lead removal work is conducted. Surface wipe results shall meet
criteria in paragraph "Clearance Certification."]
Air Sampling During Paint Removal Work
Conduct area air sampling daily, on each shift in which lead-based paint
removal operations are performed, in areas immediately adjacent to the lead
control area. Sufficient area monitoring shall be conducted to ensure
unprotected personnel are not exposed at or above 30 micrograms per cubic
meter of air. If 30 micrograms per cubic meter of air is reached or
exceeded, stop work, correct the conditions(s) causing the increased
levels. Notify the Contracting Officer immediately. Determine if
condition(s) require any further change in work methods. Removal work shall
resume only after the CP and the Contracting Officer give approval. For
outdoor operations, at least one sample on each shift shall be taken on the
downwind side of the lead control area.
Sampling After Paint Removal/Control
After the visual inspection, [conduct soil sampling if bare soil is present
during external removal/control operations and] collect wipe samples
according to the HUD protocol contained in HUD 6780 to determine the lead
content of settled dust and dirt in micrograms per square meter foot of
surface area [and parts per million (ppm) or micrograms per gram (ug/g) for
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