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Coating Inspection Company Certification
Submit documentation that the coating inspection company that will be
performing all coating inspection functions is certified by the Society
for Protective Coatings (SSPC) to the requirements of SSPC QP 5 prior to
contract award, and shall remain certified while accomplishing any
coating inspection functions.  The coating inspection company must
remain so certified for the duration of the project.  If a coating
inspection company's certification expires, the firm will not be allowed
to perform any inspection functions, and all surface preparation and
coating application work must stop, until the certification is reissued.
Requests for extension of time for any delay to the completion of the
project due to an inactive certification will not be considered and
liquidated damages will apply.  Notify the Contracting Officer of any
change in coating inspection company certification status.
Coating Inspector Qualification
Submit documentation that each coating inspector is employed, and
qualified to SSPC QP 5, Level III, by the selected coating inspection
Each inspector shall remain employed by the coating
inspection company while performing any coating inspection functions.
2.  Add the following to the table of article entitled "QC Specialists
Duties and Qualifications" as follows, including submittal tags:
Area of
in Area of Responsibility
Coating Inspector
Surface preparation,
Full time during
(no other duties)
coating application,
coating system
and testing.
application testing,
surface preparation,
coating application
and initial curing,
testing, and repair
3.  In Article entitled "Accreditation Requirements," approximately
1.12.1, in the first sentence, after "Construction materials testing
laboratories," insert "except laboratories for testing of coating and
sealant materials."
4.  Note in the PROJECT INFORMATION FORM that Section 01450 contains a
special responsibility requirement for SSPC QP 5 Certification.  This
requirement must be pointed out in the solicitation documents for the
"prior to contract award" requirement to be enforceable.
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