Quantcast Rip-Rap Construction
End Seals
After installation of piped utilities in pipeline casing, provide
watertight end seals at each end of pipeline casing between pipeline casing
and piping utilities.  Provide watertight [end seals as indicated.]
[segmented elastomeric end seals.]
Rip-Rap Construction
NOTE:  Select information in brackets to best
describe rip-rap construction.  Provide detail or
typical section through rip-rap on drawings as well
as all dimensions necessary for estimating and
construction.  If DOT standard specifications are
referenced for rip-rap construction, paragraphs
entitled "Preparation" through "Grouting" may be
Construct rip-rap [on bedding material] [on filter fabric] [with grout] [in
accordance with [DOT] [_____] State Standard, paragraph [_____]] in the
areas indicated.  Trim and dress indicated areas to conform to cross
sections, lines and grades shown within a tolerance of 30 mm 0.1 foot.
Bedding Placement
Spread [filter fabric] bedding material uniformly to a thickness of at least
[75] [_____] mm [3] [_____] inches on prepared subgrade as indicated.
[Compaction of bedding is not required.  Finish bedding to present even
surface free from mounds and windrows.]
Stone Placement
Place rock for rip-rap on prepared bedding material to produce a well
graded mass with the minimum practicable percentage of voids in conformance
with lines and grades indicated.  Distribute larger rock fragments, with
dimensions extending the full depth of the rip-rap throughout the entire
mass and eliminate "pockets" of small rock fragments.  Rearrange individual
pieces by mechanical equipment or by hand as necessary to obtain the
distribution of fragment sizes specified above.  [For grouted rip-rap,
hand-place surface rock with open joints to facilitate grouting and do not
fill smaller spaces between surface rock with finer material.  Provide at
least one "weep hole" through grouted rip-rap for every 4.65 square meters
50 square feet of finished surface.  Weep holes shall consist of columns of
bedding material, 100 mm 4 inches in diameter, extending up to the rip-rap
surface without grout.]
[Prior to grouting, wet rip-rap surfaces.  Grout rip-rap in successive
longitudinal strips, approximately 3 m 10 feet in width, commencing at the
lowest strip and working up the slope.  Distribute grout to place of final
deposit and work into place between stones with brooms, spades, trowels, or
vibrating equipment.  Take precautions to prevent grout from penetrating
bedding layer.  Protect and cure surface for a minimum of 7 days.]
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