Quantcast Commercial Vehicles In/Out of NAVSTA/NAS Norfolk, VA

Interruption of Vehicular Traffic
If during the performance of work, it becomes necessary to modify vehicular
traffic patterns at any locations, notify the Contracting Officer at least
15 calendar days prior to the proposed modification date, and provide a
Traffic Control Plan detailing the proposed controls to traffic movement
for approval.  The plan shall be in accordance with State and local
regulations and the FHWA SA-89-006, Part VI.  [Make all notifications and
obtain any permits required for modification to traffic movements outside
Station's jurisdiction.]  Provide cones, signs, barricades, lights, or
other traffic control devices and personnel required to control traffic.
Do not use foil-backed material for temporary pavement marking because of
its potential to conduct electricity during accidents involving downed
power lines.
Commercial Vehicles In/Out of NAVSTA/NAS Norfolk, VA
NOTE:  Use the following paragraphs only for
projects located at Naval Station (NAVSTA) or Naval
Air Station (NAS), Norfolk, VA.
Commercial vans and trucks are differentiated as
(1)  Closed truck.  A truck enclosed on four sides, top, and
bottom to which entry can be made only through end or side doors
and to which a seal can be applied.
(2)  Open truck.  A truck which is either fully open, such as
flatbed, or contained by wooden slats or sideboards; or any truck
to which a seal cannot be applied.
(3)  Commercial vehicles.  A common contract or commercial truck
without a decal issued by Norfolk, VA.
(4)  Trailer.  A non-self-propelled enclosed cargo container used
for the transportation of goods, e.g., a trailer pulled by a truck.
Instructions and directions.  Ensure that commercial trucks and
trailers follow the instructions below to provide for effective
control over their entry and exit from the base, movement within
the base, and to reduce congestion both at the gates and within
the base.  In general, commercial trucks and common carriers are
required to enter and exit through specified gates and process
immediately to a truck control point for cargo manifest check.
The driver shall be issued a Material Movement Control and Gate
Pass, routing instructions, and directions to depart the base via
a designated exit point where the pass is to be turned in.
(1)  Common contract and commercial trucks going to the area of
Building LP-84 (MAC Terminal), NAS Norfolk shall enter and exit
Gate 22.  Gate 22 hours of operations are 5:30 a.m. through 6:30
p.m. and 10:30 p.m. through 3:00 a.m., 7 days a week.  The gate is
closed on holidays.
(2)  Other common contract and commercial trucks, except as noted
below are allowed to enter the Naval Base through any Gate and
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