For other deliveries:
Coordination for each specific test, exact delivery location, and dates
will be made through the Area Office.
Punch-Out Inspection
Near the end of the work, or any increment of the work established by a
time stated in the SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS Clause, "Commencement,
Prosecution, and Completion of Work", or by the specifications, the CQC
Manager shall conduct an inspection of the work.  A punch list of items
which do not conform to the approved drawings and specifications shall be
prepared and included in the CQC documentation, as required by paragraph
DOCUMENTATION.  The list of deficiencies shall include the estimated date
by which the deficiencies will be corrected.  The CQC System Manager or
staff shall make a second inspection to ascertain that all deficiencies
have been corrected.  Once this is accomplished, the Contractor shall
notify the Government that the facility is ready for the Government
Pre-Final inspection.
Pre-Final Inspection
The Government will perform the pre-final inspection to verify that the
facility is complete and ready to be occupied.  A Government Pre-Final
Punch List may be developed as a result of this inspection.  The
Contractor's CQC System Manager shall ensure that all items on this list
have been corrected before notifying the Government, so that a Final
inspection with the customer can be scheduled.  Any items noted on the
Pre-Final inspection shall be corrected in a timely manner.  These
inspections and any deficiency corrections required by this paragraph shall
be accomplished within the time slated for completion of the entire work or
any particular increment of the work if the project is divided into
increments by separate completion dates.
Final Acceptance Inspection
The Contractor's Quality Control Inspection personnel, plus the
superintendent or other primary management person, and the Contracting
Officer's Representative shall be in attendance at the final acceptance
inspection.  Additional Government personnel including, but not limited to,
those from Base/Post Civil Facility Engineer user groups, and major
commands may also be in attendance.  The final acceptance inspection will
be formally scheduled by the Contracting Officer based upon results of the
Pre-Final inspection.  Notice shall be given to the Contracting Officer at
least 14 days prior to the final acceptance inspection and shall include
the Contractor's assurance that all specific items previously identified to
the Contractor as being unacceptable, along with all remaining work
performed under the contract, will be complete and acceptable by the date
scheduled for the final acceptance inspection.  Failure of the Contractor
to have all contract work acceptably complete for this inspection will be
cause for the Contracting Officer to bill the Contractor for the
Government's additional inspection cost in accordance with the contract
clause titled "Inspection of Construction".
The Contractor shall maintain current records providing factual evidence
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